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Seeking for Return Desperately…

April - May 2021 . Monthly Briefing

Q1 earnings have been terrific in the USA – though it looks like good news and recovery is already priced in and for perfection. At the same time, the desperation of investors to garner any real return is driving indexes higher and higher; low yields have fostered a plethora of...

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Most U.S. earnings for Q4 2020 are now out

March 2021 . Monthly Briefing

Most U.S. earnings for Q4 2020 are now out: two third reported earnings beat consensus by the standard deviation or more (that's a lot!). This is the second-best reading in 23 years - the best being the previous quarter! With these promising microeconomic elements, investors will now focus on macroeconomic

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When the house burns, who is coming to our rescue ?

February 2021 . Monthly Briefing

When the house burns, who is coming to our rescue ? The firemen! When a government can't agree on how to spend generous grants (hard to believe, isn’t it ?), who do we turn to? To the banker fireman! It sounds like a kindergarten joke

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Universal asset price inflation

January 2021 . Monthly Briefing

2020 was marked by universal asset price inflation, a direct consequence of central banks injecting trillions into the economy thanks to rate cuts and implementation of another massive Quantitative Easing (QE). In doing so, central banks have created a huge price distortion (resulting in the current markets levels, i.e at...

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