Bespoke wealth-management & reporting

We stand by your side at each stage involving your financial assets, whether it concerns your savings, securities, real estate investments, private equity, taxes, retirement planning or capital transmission and donations.

For this purpose, we provide you with :
Our Discretionary Mandate • Wealth Planning & Financial Engineering • Real Estate Investments & Property Funding


"Our discretionary mandate is closely aligned to meet your needs"

Our discretionary mandate is intended to help our busy clients who do not have time, nor interest nor expertise to manage their assets and wish to delegate this task to an experienced team.

We determine with our clients their risk / return profile and the required strategy accordingly to their financial objectives.

The discretionary mandate, given to Mascareignes Financial Management Limited, enables us to take daily decisions, if requested, such as arbitrage, portfolio rebalancing, depending on the economic and stock market trends, in accordance with the profile framework.

We always take requests of our customers in consideration and thus set up regular reportings and meetings, so we can update our clients with the evolution of their assets and adapt the portfolio strategy to potential objectives’ changes.

The investing team uses the services of a broad network of banks and financial institutions in order to gather meaningful information, validate the investment plan and help us make choices ; thus we can respond as accurately as possible to the mandate given to Mascareignes Financial Management Limited.

Asset management with discretionary mandate strives to meet a triple requirement process:

  • Bespoke solutions for each client,
  • Rigour in the investment modus operandi and risk control,
  • Regularity regarding reportings.


We use a several step process in order to implement a global strategy :

  • Extensive customer insight thanks to an interview designed to apprehend the personal and professional situation of the client, his financial status (Assets / Liabilities), any existing taxation scheme, his annual budget (Expenses / Incomes) and of course his wishes and restraints.
  • Analysis, assessment and advice: at the end of the preliminary interview, we aggregate strengths and weaknesses of the current organization to improve it with legal solutions and investment choices that fit with the client’s objectives: e.g. defensive or capital growth strategy, transmission planning.
  • Wealth monitoring and ajdustment of our recommendations, depending on the changes of the client’s situation, including tax residency or activity, family events, etc.

Our independence and our network enable us to analyze and compare all types of financial assets (including structured products) within the framework of specific strategies: portfolio protection, distribution policy, currency or securities / stock options hedging.


We work closely with a team specialized in real estate markets, with long established experience of the sector in Mauritius and abroad (especially in Europe).

Our partnerships with selected service providers (real estate agents, experts, developers and insurers) give our customers access to professional advice concerning their personal acquisitions or occasionally to larger-scale projects, by joining a pool of investors, which provides diversification regarding incomes and asset allocation.

We also accompany our clients with their loan engineering.

Always providing the best solutions to deliver results beyond your expectations.